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If you are a first time user of eHub, security verification is required. Click Employee Registration near the bottom of the Welcome screen to register.

Employee Self-Service Users

Type in your User ID (your employee number) and click Enter. If you do not know your User ID, please contact your system administrator.

Enter your date of birth in mmddyyyy format and Social Security Number for Identity Verification. Click Continue.

Enter a New Password that meets the requirements below and verify it by typing it in a second time. Click Change Password.

If your New Password meets the specified criteria, you will see a pop-up window displaying "Password has been successfully changed". Click OK to go back to the Log In screen.

Customer Self-Service (CSS) Users

Type in your User ID and click Continue. If you do not know your User ID, please contact your system administrator.

Enter the email address that is associated with your eHub account. This will be the email address on file with the company you're doing business with. Click Continue.

After clicking continue, you will receive the following message:

A temporary password will be emailed to the address associated with your eHub account. Log in to that email account to access the password, and then log in to eHub with your User ID and the temporary password. You will be taken directly to the Change Password screen to reset your password. Enter your current (temporary) password and a new password.

Password Requirements

eHub uses strong passwords that combine uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

Your password must be at least 6 characters long and contain 3 of the 4 criteria:

Example of a strong password: eHub3%

WinTeam/eHub Administrator

If the Date of Birth or Social Security Number are entered incorrectly three times, the user will be locked out of eHub for security purposes. To reset, change the password in WinTeam. Also, verify the Date of Birth and SSN are correct in WinTeam for the employee; if incorrect, changing the DOB or the SSN will reset the account. If the eHub user remembers the original password and logs in, the lockout will be cleared as well.